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June 2018

"By the word of the Lord were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of His mouth."    Psalm 33:6

Dear Church Family,

As we work our way into and through the Genesis narrative, several things to keep in mind: One, Genesis is the inspired, inerrant, perfect revelation of God.  Two, we cannot fully and completely understand all that is revealed to us, but we can absolutely believe all that is revealed to us.  Three, we must enjoy all that God has created, but we must not worship or idolize anything God has created.
As I have been reading, studying, and preparing these sermons on creation, I am continually aware of Romans 1:20-25 (and if I may paraphrase) “God created all things in order to reveal Himself in creation, but all mankind has not glorified God as God, but has instead worshipped and served the creation more than the Creator.”  Wow!  Do I do that?  You betcha!  I cut my grass with more passion and intensity than I serve the Lord.  Often times I get more excited about a sunset or a rainbow than I do the glory of God revealed in His Word.  I spend more time washing my truck than I do in prayer.  So the sin of worshipping and serving the stuff of creation is not just limited to pagans.  We as Christians are guilty as well.

And yet, our Lord is gracious, longsuffering, and incredibly kind.  May we take the time this summer season to examine our priorities and our hearts.  And may the outcome be an increased devotion to God and His glory.  Let’s increase our passion for His glory, as He has increased His amazing grace to us.

Charles A. Whitney

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